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Badass Women at Any Age

May 11, 2021

As a young girl, Gabrielle Bosché grew up hearing her father express his regret of not having a son and that shaped her perspective of who she needed to be. Equating masculinity with success, Gabrielle found herself overcompensating in every endeavor, forming an addiction to achievement that left her confused and in debt.  Exposure to motivational speakers through her mom’s interest and attendance in motivational conferences sparked Gabrielle’s curiosity about her generation and the constant criticism of millennials.  Driven by curiosity and her recognition of the generational gap between millennials and previous generations, Gabrielle was motivated to pursue a bridge to fill that gap.  Quitting her job at 23, Gabrielle launched her first company, consulting major brands and the government on how to reach Millennials. She has written 5 books ranging from Millennial motivation, next-generation entrepreneurship, and her most recent, The Purpose Factor: Extreme Clarity for Why You're Here and What to Do About It was rated a "Top Book to Buy" from USA Today. 

Gabrielle is one of the most booked Millennial motivators in the world. She has been called the "next generation of motivators" by Tom Ziglar and is a popular TEDx presenter, bestselling author, and co-founder of The Purpose Company. Her work has been endorsed by the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Brian Tracy, Lewis Howes, and co-founder of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Marc Victor Hansen. Gabrielle has worked with everyone from presidential campaigns, the U.S. Navy and Air Force, and the top brands in the world. Gabrielle has been featured in major media outlets including NPR, Sirius XM Radio, Bloomberg Radio, Glamour Magazine, SUCCESS, Business Insider, and Los Angeles Times.

  What You Will Hear in This Episode

Gabrielle’s origin story. The thing that most shapes your perspective.

Overcompensating and its effects

Hearing motivational speakers at an early age.

The importance of curiosity.

Finding courage and  being propelled by  the fear of regret.

The power of permission and recognizing purpose.

Millennial women and the corporate ladder

Ageism in the workplace and generational empathy.

The elements and process of purpose.

The effects of being aligned with your purpose.

Branding:  Connecting individual purpose with company purpose.


“Focus on what makes you curious.”

“Courage comes from clarity and from confidence. Clarity comes from knowing where you’re going and how to get there.  Confidence comes from your ability to know you can do it.”

“The key as a leader is to be empathetic.”

“Your story is your authority.  You can only help people overcome that which you have done yourself.”



The Purpose Factor

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