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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 25, 2022

Raised in the suburbs of New York, Marcia Seligson traded in her concert pianist ambitions to explore and pursue her passions for travel  and musical theater.   An introvert turned extrovert, Marcia credits her  work and experiences as a journalist, writer, and musical theater producer as the impetus for her transformation.  Marcia is a journalist, adventurer -- nine African safaris, chasing Mother Teresa around India, kissing a giraffe in Kenya --, author of eight published books and a zillion magazine articles.  Her first book, The Eternal Bliss Machine, America’s Way of Wedding was a best-seller. With a lifelong passion for musical theater, she created REPRISE: BROADWAY’S BEST and was the Producing Artistic Director for over forty events in LA.  She co-produced two plays on and off-Broadway and co-founded the Foundation of New American Musicals.  Her new book, My Mother Would Hate This Book, is a series of tales about the stars she’s worked with, her Jewish life, the women’s movement, her wild travels, her wild ideas.  She thinks it’s funny, intense, theatrical, silly, angry, political, sexy and deeply personal. 

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Marcia’s personal story

Travel adventures and her love of musical theater

Introvert to extrovert and finding herself through her writing

Writing her first book

High profile interviews including Woody Allen, Mother Teresa and John Denver

Courage and self doubt

Involvement in the Women’s Movement and politics


“All the experiences that I've had in my life have changed me into becoming quite an extrovert.”

“Send all the unwanted children to me. I will take care of them.” - Mother Teresa

“I love working, I love projects and I don't know what I would do if I didn't do all this.”

“I made nine trips to Africa all on safari because I love that. That's where I find God, when I look at those animals in the wild living their lives having nothing to do with human beings where we’re second class characters. If somebody offered  me a ticket tomorrow I would pack my suitcase and go back to Africa. I love it so much.”

“I don't think we march through anything with total confidence.”


Foundation of New American Musicals

My Mother Would Hate This Book

A Gentleman In Moscow

Gendered Ageism Survey Results

Forbes article

5 Tips to own the superpower of your age


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