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Badass Women at Any Age

Nov 8, 2022

Growing up as a plus size athlete and dancer Pam Luk struggled to find active wear that fit properly. After becoming a mom she was determined to make an impact on diet culture and body positivity specifically for kids. Pam is the founder of Ember and Ace, an athletic wear brand for plus size kids. Growing up playing sports, she learned firsthand the importance of finding active wear that fits. After her career in project  management Pam wanted to ensure her daughter and other children can be comfortable in the  clothes they wear for sporting activities. With that goal in mind, she launched a fashion line exclusively for active plus size kids. Pam understands what it means to be plus size while also being an active, healthy child and adult. She wants to bring more awareness around body diversity by providing tips and tools on how to talk to your child about bodies, embracing differences and making clothes shopping easier.

What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Pam’s personal journey

Taking the leap of faith to focus on her passion and overcoming fear

Diet culture and awareness

Self awareness in parenting


Reframing bias

Challenges in transitioning from employee to business owner

Raising plus size children and embracing body positivity

Inclusivity, diversity and social connections

Advice on how to talk about or bodies with our kids

Clothing and feeling comfortable


“If we approach it kind of half assed, it never reaches its full potential.” 

“Fear is really trying to protect you from things that could hurt you and do harm, but it also sort keeps you from the really good stuff that could come from trying something new.”

“Meditation has allowed me to find some space between thought and action.”

“I think that people that are successful are just have enough tenacity to stick through and just keep going.”

“It’s ok to start small.”

“Good and done is better than perfect.“

“Kids are better off when you have diverse representation and that includes everything including body size and gender and race”


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