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Badass Women at Any Age

Oct 11, 2022

After a terrible car accident left Lina Kennedy hopeless and broken, a prayer and a TV show promoting women business owners motivated her to find her way out of the dark.  Intrigued by a segment on sugaring, Lina was determined to explore and take the leap to building a business in skin care.  She turned her answered prayer into a multi-million dollar skin care company.  Lina Kennedy is the founder and CEO of Alexandria Professional, the global leader in body sugaring hair removal and natural skincare. She is a critically-acclaimed author, blogger, public speaker, philanthropist, entrepreneur, inventor, teacher, and recognized beauty industry innovator.

 What You Will Hear in This Episode: 

Lina’s personal story

The challenge of starting a business with little money

Lessons learned about success and building a business

Self doubt and belief

Lina’s spirituality and near death experience

Lina’s non-profit Lifting The Veil of Silence

What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur


“I learned so much from other exceptional people on my journey and carried the good information with me to help me. “

“You have to be ready to put your heart and soul as though you'll never have epoloyees until the day you can. “

“Don't let ego everg get in the way of the good decisions you can make. There's no place for ego.”

“Through every mistake, there is a solution.” 

“I believe in the fact that if you ask, if you believe when you ask, you'll receive. But you have to be open. You have to be ready to receive otherwise you’ll miss the opportunity if your eyes are closed because there's many, many ways solutions can come to  you.”

“I draw the line on I will never sacrifice the good of someone else and the good of quality the love of money.”

“Growth becomes a game.”

“ I never consider myself woman or man when I'm doing business. I feel my soul wants to do business. My person wants to do business. So I never let any man stop me from reaching what I needed to reach.”

“Don’t let excuses take you away from what you know you should be doing.”

“You don’t get to be a badass sitting on your ass.”


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